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Green Room - Week 5 - Day 7

They say that when you get off a ship that there will be times that you still feel it moving. I don't know about that, since I've never spent much time on one. But I still feel like a punk show could break out at any time. :)

Which would make work a lot more interesting!

If you missed it - I gave you folks a deadline extension to get your entries in:

Just let me know if you are changing your links/changing from taking a bye/etc. Basically, any change to the status last night - let me know so that I'm putting the correct link in the poll.

The topic post is at if you still need to submit something and/or if you want to read ahead!


A couple questions were asked while I was at FEST, so I will answer them here. If I missed anything else, let me know and I'll answer them below:

- When will the Home Game start? It started the moment someone was voted out who wanted to keep writing entries. Just post them either in the Green Rooms or the Work Room (or both). The Home Game thread starts when I see that a bunch of people are participating on a regular basis and it feels like folks need an official spot for it.

- Who can vote in a regular poll? Anyone. It's NOT just contestants only. (that does sometimes happen, but anyone can vote). You can use any platform that LJ allows to vote. (so that's an LJ account, Facebook, Twitter and any Open ID). Only vote ONCE. If people start using more than one account, I have to crack down. If people act like adults, we can all have fun.) So absolutely spread the word and tell your friends and family. Encourage them to read all the entries! Because it's better for everyone when they do. (they get to read cool stuff!)
Tags: day 07, green room, season 11, week 5
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