clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Extension - Week 5

This is pretty rare. But I need to give myself an extension on putting this poll together, so I'm giving YOU one as well.

The new deadline for Week 5 entries is tomorrow, Tuesday Nov 5th at 7pm EST

If you took a bye and want to write something - just let me know.

If you didn't make the deadline and thought you were out - you have one more day to make that right.

If you made the deadline and were waiting for the poll to go up - sorry. Honestly, I should have made the deadline tomorrow anyway. I should have known how rough this was going to be to pull together. :) I also almost made this contestant only, just so I didn't have to do a poll. But I plan those weeks out ahead of time.

My apologies. Voting will start tomorrow. But for those on the chopping block, you get one more day to breathe the fresh air of freedom that is Idol.

For those waiting, the entries are all located at - you can get started on reading if you haven't already! :)
Tags: deadline extension, season 11, week 5
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