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Results - Week 4

It's the worst part of every week - saying goodbye. This week there are two more veterans leaving us. I'd say that it is because the odds are in favor of one going. But it's still kind of weird for to me to be saying it week after week.

So it's two old friends leaving us this time. One by the vote, and the other by sacrificing.

Leaving us from Tribe 1 is ashgaelsonaria who has grown so much as a writer over the last couple of years. Every time I see her new stuff I'm just really impressed. I had hoped to see her get further into the competition this time around. But with the quality of writing in this season it's going to be tough going for everyone.

Leaving us from Tribe 2 is sarcasmoqueen. When I saw her lagging in votes I was completely shocked. It took me a few minutes to remember "Oh yeah, it's a sacrifice!", throwing herself onto the sword in order to allow someone else to advance.

I hope to see both of you when Second Chance comes around (and in the Home Game in the meantime).

Note: If you are someone who qualifies for the extra bye, with both of the people you recruited still in the competition, please email me at to make sure that is documented.
Tags: eliminations, season 11, week 4
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