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Green Room - Week 4 - Weekend Edition

The new poll is up:

Which is a good segue into what I wanted to talk about. As opposed to being a bad segway, where you would have to keep moving and hope you didn't fall over as you toured around Idol city.

Perhaps we need a good segue into talking about segways. Or a segway that would help you make better segues in conversation.

But I digress...

This week's poll is the first one to ever have been completed in four different locations. I was able to do some of the earlier entries during lunch at work - then I did more at home. Last night I started at home but then went out to eat (I continued working at the restaurant) and then finished at my wife's cousin's house! It's not an ideal situation, but when you have to get something done, you do what you have to do.

I recall the winner of the Season 4 writing 16 entries in the backseat during her family vacation. Or the couple world travelers who had to travel from remote areas to get to a place where there was wifi. Compared to those, my "adventure" yesterday is nothing. Heck, compared to what I used to have to do when I didn't have a computer at home - during the early days of Idol, what happened yesterday was nothing! But sometimes you do what you have to do.

There are two reasons why I wanted to mention this - one is the obvious thank you to everyone who got entries in this week. Especially to those in West Coast regions where the power outages are happening! As Tim Gunn would say, you "made it work"!

The other being that there was a conversation I saw about schedules - and I was glad to see two different folks talking about their difficulties and how they were pretty much directly opposed in what they needed. I was glad about it because it's not often when you see that on display. But ultimately there are a 100 different schedules and everyone has a different need for a timeline. Including myself. That's why I move things around so much, to try to be as fair as I can be - or as unfair as I can be to everyone. Take your pick! :) I do try to make it easy on myself of course, picking times when I *know* that I will be home. But as the example above shows, I'm not always in charge of my own schedule. Things come up. Sometimes I can just stay home and take the relationship hit. Sometimes I can't.

The Week 3 poll was closed exactly on time but I was worried that it wouldn't be, because I had to run into the store and it couldn't wait. We got back with two minutes to spare. It was looking like I might have to close two polls from my cell phone, which is trickier than it sounds as anyone who uses LJ on their cell phones can probably tell you. :)


So what unexpected adventures have YOU been on this weekend?
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