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Green Room - Week 4 - Day 3

Today is "Nerd Day" at work. It's really strange cosplay where people dress up like Urkel or someone from "Revenge of the Nerds" and then immediately have the need to tell everyone from the outside who comes in that they are just "dressed up" as Nerds for the day. I guess so these outsiders know that they actually cool.

They want to make sure people know that they aren't really asking for directions to "Chemistry class" (as the office manager kept saying as she walked around in her nerd uniform) and don't really take the "short bus". (I've heard several different people say this as part of their "acting like a nerd" and it really makes me wonder if they know what a nerd actually is.)

Even a co-worker who self-identifies as being a nerd got in on the act, pretty much wearing stuff she has worn in the past but more exaggerated and with tape on her glasses.

All I know is that the more I look around, the greater the urge I have to shove some people into lockers. :)

Work cosplay is weird.


What isn't weird is that the deadline is Saturday - Well, that's a little weird I guess. It's a long time. Hopefully people take advantage of that to write, because going into the next two months there are going to be plenty of opportunities where you are going to want to take byes. So my personal advice is to save them for when you need them!
Tags: day 03, green room, season 11, week 4
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