clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 3 - Weekend Edition Part 2

It's the last day of voting.

Have you gotten your voting in yet? If not - get to it you slackers!

If you have - what entries do you think should be getting more love than they currently are receiving? (Just scanning the polls I can think of a few that personally I'm pretty shocked about)


We were in the grocery store last night, and as I wandered the aisles I played that mental game that seeps into my head now and again. "What *would I have bought*, if it was around when I was single... when I was in my 20s... when I was a teenager..." There are so many new products and brands that pop up. Maybe some of them were around and I just didn't know about them. But what if I had? Heck, I never had the "college ramen days" experience with those cheap little packs of instant ramen. It was just never on my radar as something I wanted to try, so I didn't.

Which, looking back, is pretty weird.


What, looking back, did you miss just because it just wasn't something "on your radar"?
Tags: green room, season 11, week 3, weekend edition
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