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Green Room - Week 3 - Weekend Edition

In the last couple of days there have been a couple important events: National Coming Out Day and World Mental Health Day. Both of which I know there are folks in Idol who took time to acknowledge. The latter is especially important here because Idol is proof that more needs to be done for mental health issues around the world.

But until then, I will continue to run Idol, and hopefully you will keep showing up!

In looking up what today was, there really wasn't anything all that interesting. I did notice though that we missed National Homemade Cookie Day. Which is a tragedy. That should have been celebrated.


Something else that should be celebrated is those leaving us - which sounds kind of weird. But I think celebrating those going down fighting, even if they are the first, is a good thing. They put themselves out there and that's worthy of respect. Personally I thought that both of those entries were good starts to something far bigger than made it onto the page.

This week is going to be the first of the bye outs. We are going to lose some good people - most of them never really showing what they are capable of writing. Which is going to be really sad. It's lost potential. There are some people who might be in that group that make me pretty sad to see going out. Hopefully they will be able to turn something in and avoid that fate. But odds aren't in the favor of someone missing two deadlines in a row and suddenly recalling that you signed up for something in the third week.


We also had the new topic and the new Work Room that goes with it


What have YOU been celebrating this weekend?
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