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Green Room - Week 0 - Day 13

It's the final day of the longest week of this season (so far)! So make sure to vote for your favorites in the poll! It means nothing, but it's good to support things you like:

Sign-ups are still open: Remember that if you get two people to sign up, and they last until Week 4 - you get an extra bye! So it's an incentive to recruit, and help support, new folks!


I received a notification this morning that I had "more things to review" from Etsy purchases from Cynthia's birthday. I get these sorts of things whenever I order online, or check in - there is always a reminder to rate and review things that I buy.

It's funny because I always check the reviews from other customers - especially when it comes to restaurants. But I never actually review them. There's a part in my brain that "doesn't want to influence the rating" with my opinion - despite the fact that every single other person out there is doing just that.

In fact, that's kind of the whole point of rating things. But I also would want to give an honest review, but if you like something, they always say it give it 5-stars. (podcasts are notorious for asking you to that.) But nothing is "perfect" (except Idol of course - give us 10 stars!!! :D) so that just messes with my head until it's just easier not to contribute my opinion at all.

Is showing up multiple times to buy something from that restaurant or vendor enough support, or do you owe it to them to give an online review, even if it won't be a "perfect" score? (or should you just bite the bullet and give them one anyway, because clearly you like what they are doing?)
Tags: day 13, green room, season 11, week 0
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