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Results and run-off

You don't get much closer than this one.

Sadly though we have to say goodbye to 3 people today. 3? Well, yes, because one of them we will be saying goodbye to tomorrow.

The people we are saying goodbye to today are:

and (it must be disclosed, a personal hero of mine) controlld_chaos

I messed up. I am sorry, but after checking again I realized that the person who was due to be eliminated was perhaps the smartest player ever to play the game (at least last season) gnomeangel!!!

My apologies.

All three of them have been really, really good this season. I want to thank you for playing - and kudos to forceworks for getting this far on a gimmick of only posting in poetry! That must have been hard.

As for that 4th spot we came down to an 8-way tie.

Which means for the first time the Gold Stars actually came into play!
What we ended up with was the 2 contestants with the fewest of them matched in a head to head match!

Vote to keep your favorite. The poll starts now and will end tomorrow
Tuesday,Jan 22nd at 1pm EST.

Good luck!

Vote to keep your favorite in the game

The winners of LIMITED IMMUNITY are n_decisive, tulip_in_yellow, controlld_chaos and the winner of this run-off.

Note, due to an error in determining last week's limited immunity, there will be another one awarded this week, to the person who should have had it: laurelian.

Please email me at to let me know who you want to award this immunity.
Tags: eliminations, results, season 4, tie-breaker, week 10
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