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Green Room - Week 0 - Day 1

I posted the Week 0 topic -

It's wordier than usual, but I wanted to cover the basics to make sure everyone was on the same page.

I have also set the official date for the Sign Up Sheet to close. One week from today.

So please keep spreading the word.


For those interested in such things, we have a Patreon page. I was asked about it yesterday, so I promised that I would post about it. So here I am, posting about it. :D

There are a couple benefits that come into play during a full season - at the $5/month level you receive an extra bye that you can give to another player. So anyone giving back to Idol is going to be able to give someone an extra week in the game!
Also, at the $10 level, you can send me three potential topics and I guarantee that *one* of them will be used during the course of this season! Which, I know you have ideas for that sort of thing. :)


I promise that not every day is going to talking about death, but yesterday Daniel Johnston died.

He was 58 years old, which is really young to die of a heart attack.

So, take care of yourself.

He was a musician and an artist.

For those not familiar with his work - it's been called "outsider" and "pure/child-like". But I think the biggest takeaway from his work is that it was sincere. There was something about him, about the things that he wrote and the way he would sing them. He BELIEVED in every line, and you could tell.

That's something writers should try to capture in their own voice.

Two of my personal favorite Daniel Johnston stories - there are a lot of them, but here are two:

- His "big break" happened when he ended up being on MTV in the 80s. I say "ended up" because he wasn't supposed to be on. He heard that they were coming to film about the Austin music scene and he just showed up and started playing! :D

- When he started making music, he would make tapes and go around Austin handing them out. But he didn't know how to make copies - so every single one of those tapes was an unique performance!! (If there were 20 tapes, that meant he sat down and played everything, all the through, 20 times!)
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