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Topic - Week 0

Every season I come in with the idea that I'm going to start things off like a rocket. But then the time comes, and I start realizing that folks might need to ease into things.

This is one of those times.

So we have a Week 0 topic to go over what you can expect.

I will make a post like this - It will say "Topic - Week (insert week here)". That will include several pieces of valuable information.

It will have the topic for the week. I will put it in bold, and separate it so that you can identify it.

For Week 0, the topic is


Sometimes I will say a few words about it, like pointing out that although it's a standard Week 0 topic, that every season is going to have folks who have no idea who you are, and an introduction is always a nice way to set the tone of who you are and what sort of thing folks can expect from you. It's a good way of making connections.

Introductions aren't just "Hi, I'm..." though. These topics are jumping off points. Maybe you want to tell a story about meeting someone for the first time. Maybe you want to introduce them to a fictional world. There are all kinds of ways to go with this. Don't limit yourself.


Once I establish that, I will give you a deadline. I will also put that in bold, along with your instructions:

Entries should be linked back to this thread by Thursday Sept 19th at 7pm EDT

When I say "link back to this thread", you can cut and paste the Url from your entry and paste it as a comment. Or, if you want to make it fancier, you can do that too. But you don't have to. Just cut and paste is more than fine.

Unless otherwise noted, all deadlines will be on Eastern (US) time. Because that is where I am. The only times that won't be the case is if I happen to be traveling to another time zone that way. Which is RARE.

A full week is a long time for an Idol deadline. But again, I wanted to give you the space to get something done for the first time. I'm also extending the sign-ups until that point.

Week 0 is OPTIONAL. You don't have to post anything for it. (Unlike every other Week). But it's good practice. There will be a poll. But no one will be eliminated.

There are two other pieces of information that are important, but probably won't be stated every time - Topic posts are ONLY for links. If you want to tell someone how great their entry was (or even "Your link doesn't work), do it elsewhere. This keeps the thread clean and easier to put into a poll. (and follow along with for those who like to read ahead, and I recommend doing that)

Also - they are for Current Contestants Only. Once we get further into the game, and if there is interest, I will post "Home Game" entries for those who still want to write but have been eliminated. (or missed the sign up deadline)

So to sum up:

Week 0 Topic - Introduction
Deadline - Thursday Sept 19th at 7PM EDT

Oh, and HAVE FUN!

Writing should be fun.
Tags: season 11, topic, week 0
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