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Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 7

I was going to post the Week 0 Topic today, but then I realized the date. I'll give you one more day of rest.

Keep dragging your friends in!

I've been looking at the lists from previous seasons and trying to recall who isn't here yet. The problem is that all of you look alike to me!


I tell this story every year on 9/11. But I think it's a good story.

On 9/11/01, I was working a temp job. We were going through boxes in a warehouse and putting old customer service tapes from the standard (often falling apart) boxes they had to the sturdy long boxes that they had bought from the storage facility where they were going to be moved. It was one of those warehouses where every time you cleared one area you realized there was another room of boxes behind it. It was a pretty big job, which is why they hired a bunch of temps.

We had a supervisor who would wander around, making sure everyone was working - and the warehouse guy who would move the pallets and help out wherever he could. That guy was always moving and always on top of things.

We often had on the radio - so when the first plane hit, we heard about it.

Our collective first thought was "Who is stupid enough to accidentally run into a building with a plane!" (We were thinking it was those small prop planes. I think a lot of people were at that point)

Then the news started coming out... then the second plane hit...

It was shortly after that point when the warehouse guy got on the phone and started making calls.

His daughter worked in the Twin Towers. I want to say 82nd floor, it was above where the plane had hit.

He couldn't reach her.

He kept calling, but while he was doing that, he kept working.

I've heard of offices that shut down that day - with people going home to be with their families. Not a single person left that warehouse. He kept working. So we kept working.

It was hours later when she was able to get a hold of him. Her office had moved a couple weeks before to a lower floor. She was able to get out safely.

That was my takeaway from 9/11 - that when things get tough and scary - you just keep moving. You keep yourself occupied. You don't let these things impact who you are (as much as that is possible to do)

In a lot of ways joining Livejournal and getting active on it was my way to keep sane during my divorce (back in 2003/4). Obviously that wasn't as big of a deal to as many people as an actual terrorist attack. But it was pretty emotionally devastating.


How have YOU dealt with emotionally devastating events in your own life? Have you keep moving? Have you shut down for awhile? Was it something that depended on the day?

How devastated are you going to be if more people don't sign up for this season of LJ Idol? (Sorry, I had to bookend it and make it a little lighter in here. Otherwise it's going to be a non-stop depression filter! :D)

LJ Idol - Making 'Merica Write Again! (and other places too)
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