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Season 11 - FAQ


What is LJ Idol?
If I were giving an elevator pitch for it would be: A writing competition with the twists of a competitive reality show. (Think Survivor and Top Chef, not a “Real Housewives” kind of reality show)

We’ve been around since 2006 with 10 regular seasons, 4 mini seasons (the last one took place over at Dreamwidth) and a couple “kids only” special events.

How does this work?

Every week there is a prompt (“topic”) , a deadline and voting. That’s the heart of it right there. You write. You read. You vote. (Sometimes there are twists to that, but this is the standard format)
Someone is eliminated. You move on to the next week and continue the cycle until only 1 writer is left standing.

A few years ago the late great kathrynrose wrote a “How to” guide for LJ Idol explaining a lot of the game mechanics. I incorporated those into the Season 10 FAQs, so I will just link to that post which goes more into detail about past twists, running in-jokes (we’ve been around 13+ years, there are bound to be running community slang that a newbie might not always know right off the bat)

The only real change is that no one really gets an icon anymore. I try to get them out, but I don’t have anyone who makes them on a regular basis. If you want that job, let me know!

Another new rule, just based on the last couple of years - if you sign up for this season of LJ Idol, you are not allowed to die. Ever. We've had way too much of that lately. (Again, we have a 13+ year history, so that sort of thing is bound to happen) It occurred to me that I never had a rule against it. So now there is! ;)

If you have any specific questions not addressed here, leave them in the comments and I will do my best to make up an answer. :)
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