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Vote - Idol Minor - Week 4

A few words from clauderainsrm:

I was listening to a podcast this morning about the history of country music. (Cocaine and Rhinestones, I highly recommend it). The host was reading an email from a listener asking how a certain well respected musician got so good at his instrument.

The answer, boiled down, was that he practiced.

He started at an early age, and he keep practicing until he got good at it.

That made me think about what is happening here at Idol Minor.

Saying goodbye is never easy. But with this group of young writers, the good news is that we are saying ‘Hello” to being able to enjoy their work for years to come.

I hope that everyone else who has come out to check this out has been as entertained as I have been.

If so, and if you want to give back to them - this is the last week to donate to the Community Chest. All 5 writers have met the goal, which means the $50 we have in there currently is going to be split into a $10 Amazon gift card for each of them. Which is great - but if you want to give them a little more, you still have time - just send it to

While other people are doing that - the parents of our writers need to send me an email to to let me know what email you want me use for those gift cards!

The main thing to do though - the most important thing - is to read the entries. Read, comment on them and vote for your favorites!

That second part, the commenting, is really important. I owe our writers comments from last week, so don’t be like me. Be better than me. Make sure to comment before things get busy and you forget to do it.

The poll will close Friday, June 1st at 8pm EDT.

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2081820 Idol Minor - Week 4
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

Homer's entry
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