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Green Room - Idol Minor - Week 1 - Day 6

It's deadline day! so make sure that everyone who wants to participate gets their entries in today!

If you don't qualify to be a part of the season, but want to write anyway, you can take part in the Home Game!


In light of the theme of the week, I was thinking of "things that cause me embarrassment", which morphed into "things that I can't do" somewhere along that thought process. Which makes sense, because people noticing things you "should be" able to do can be embarrassing.

Just a couple highlights on a long list:

- Drive. (I have my restricted, but only got it a year or so ago and haven't been able to practice to get my regular license. it's likely that I won't.)

- Swim. I imagine that I would be pretty decent at drowning though.

- Speak. Probably "unfair", but as a life-long stutterer, it's pretty embarrassing when I try to say something and I can't. Especially to people I don't know... hmmm... actually, it might be *more* embarrassing when it's something that I know really well, because of the whole idea that speech gets easier when you are comfortable with someone.

- Be near a certain item. It's "food related", and although I've gotten much, much MUCH better (to the point that if I sit at the same table as it I can try my best to avoid looking at it... instead of freaking out) it's still really embarrassing. Because it's a "common item" and I can't even type out the name. Just writing this is making my stomach queasy because now I'm trying NOT to think about it... anyway, there's an item out there and I don't like it and behave in embarrassing ways when it's around due to "past experiences".

- Lack of responses on Idol posts. ;) So don't cause me to be embarrassed people! ;)
Tags: day 06, green room, idol minor, season 2, week 1
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