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Green Room - Idol Minor - Season 2 - Week 1 - Day 3

I bounce when I walk. That's what I've always heard from people who know me.

So it's not surprising that one day when I was stepping off the bus, and not wearing a belt, that I caught my pants just as they were falling down. By "caught" I mean "just before they passed my knees". :O


If everyone who has said they will be participating in Idol Minor this season ends up showing up for Week 1, we will have passed our first season! Which is awesome, and exactly what I'd hoped would happen.

This is a "niche idea" and I'm not expecting a lot of people showing up for it. But I really believe in the value of it for young writers and hope that they will get something. Part of that though is going to be on the adults in the Idol community showing up to support them. So I hope that anyone reading this does that - and spreads the word so that other people do it as well. And of course the young writers reading and supporting each other!


I've always been awful at skating.

Except once.

In my entire life there has only been one time when I actually stayed upright and got around the rink (more than once). It was early middle school and it the highlight, and "low light" of my time at the skating rink. I wish I could recall what song it was.

All I know is that by the end of it my friends were teasing me, because I hadn't heard the announcement that it was the "ladies only skate".


There is still time for people to sign up for this season:

The new topic is up: Entries are due next Monday.

And of course the Community Chest will be open all season: I really hope that people take the time to "give back" to the next generation of writers that will be entertaining us this season. The more who sign-up and do all 4 week, the smaller that $25 that is currently in there will be divided by - so let's do what we can to make those shares a little larger! :)
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