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Green Room - Idol Minor - Season 2 - Week 1 - Day 2

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I was one of the fastest kids at my elementary school.

My middle of nowhere, smaller-than-small, rural Pennsylvania, elementary school. So of course they asked me to join the track team.

And it wasn't really a surprise when I was selected as one of runners to represent the school at the District competition.

I wasn't one of the fastest kids at the District level. I wasn't "one of the slowest". My first, and only, time competing I was blown out so badly that by the time I finished, the next race had already started.

Let me repeat that - when I crossed the finish line, they had already started the next race.

The judges called me over and took my information. I was confused, but embarrassed enough that I just wanted to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible.

Somewhere there was a mix-up.

When they called my name over the loud speaker as *the winner* of the race I wasn't sure what to do... so I went back to the judges and tried to explain that I didn't win anything. Unless being *really bad* was a victory. In which case, I was a huge winner.

They nodded and smiled and said they would take a look. The kid who *did* win was also there disputing the results. They told him the same thing.

It turned out they thought I had won the next race. They gave me a medal, even after I talked to my coach and had him go talk to them as well.

I'm still not sure what happened - maybe they were embarrassed as well and didn't want to disappoint a kid who thought he had won something, so they gave both of us the victory... and sent both of us to the Regional competition.

Where I was destroyed worse than before. (because my "qualifying time" was so good - being that it was for finishing the race after my own - I was put in the very back of the pack.)

That was the last time I ever ran track.

I was in middle school in Florida when my PE teacher noticed that I was really good at the hurdles and tried to recruit me for the track team. But that earlier embarrassment stuck with me, and I decided not to go down that road again.
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