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Green Room - Idol Minor - Season 2 - Week 1 - Day 1

Idol Minor has started!!!

The new topic is up:

and Sign-ups will continue until the first entries are due: so if you know anyone who might be interested, this is would be the time to do it. Anyone (of eligible age) can sign up during the course of the season. But to be part of the Community Chest reward you need to complete all 4 weeks!


A couple of "house-keeping items": It occurred to me this morning that LJ Idol will be turning 12 years old on May 31st (the date of the sign up sheet for Season 1). So the game itself is older than most of the Idol Minor contestants! When I picked May, I wasn't even thinking about that. I can't think of anything more fitting though, than for us to be celebrating a new generation of talent.

Also - this week's topic *wasn't* going to be the topic. I moved everything back this morning... why? Because I had my own embarrassing moment.

Every weekday morning, I walk a mile to the bus stop. I'm usually half asleep, and fall back to sleep as soon as I get on the bus. At least that's the plan.

Because of that, I might not be as aware of things as I should be... like today for instance. I sat down on the bench and felt something cold on my upper leg.

I got up quickly, thinking I had sat in water (or worse, it is a bus stop after all), but didn't see anything.

I went over to another seat, carefully examined it to make sure it was OK, and sat down again... this time I felt the cold, but also a breeze. A breeze on my leg.

Puzzled, I reached my hand up and felt that there was a hole in my pants! I got up and realized it was a GIANT hole. Not just a "I split my pants open", the bottom was completely shredded!!! What had happened? I have no idea.

So I walked the mile back home to change... which makes 2 miles of walking with my underwear exposed! :O

Embarrassing? Absolutely. Funny? Well, yeah... definitely funny! I'm just glad it was still dark when I was walking, but I wonder what people thought as they were driving by me!
Tags: green room, idol minor, season 2, week 1
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