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Idol Minor - Community Chest

Good evening,

Anyone who signs up for Idol Minor, and who completes all 4 weeks of the challenge will receive their portion of the Community Chest.

What is "the Community Chest" you ask? Anyone wishing to donate via paypal will have 100% of their donation (minus the fees, if applicable) used toward buying Amazon gift cards for the Idol Minor "winners". How much that will be per contestant depends entirely on how much is raised and how many end up finishing.

If you want to contribute - just click the link!

Parents/guardians will need to contact me at to make sure that I have their email addresses for the gift cards.

Hopefully, having a little extra to buy books (or games, or whatever, I won't judge) will encourage more young writers to participate this season.

Any money received via paypal between now and the end of the season (end of May) will be part of the Community Chest, unless specifically otherwise indicated. (just in case someone happens to send me some unrelated cash during that time period. :D)

If people have other "kid friendly" items they want to donate, let me know and I'll throw them in the Community Chest as well!

There's still time to sign up!
Tags: community chest, idol minor, season 2
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