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Vote - Week 32

A few words from clauderainsrm:

When I was planning out this Season, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. This was unexplored territory, a season that wasn’t “supposed to happen” in the twilight of Livejournal.

Instead of getting brand new graphics, I opted for a slightly modified version of the original that served as the background for Seasons 1-4. After all, this was Season 10. It was about the tradition.

179 people signed up to play this season, including some of our youngest contestants ever to attempt it. I feel confident in saying that the next generation of writers is in good hands at learning their craft while having a whole lot of fun with their words.

There were veterans, including some long lost friends who came out of the woodwork when I sent out my calls into the wild to see who might be interested in another shot. There were newbies, some of them had heard of what we do here, but had never experienced it. There were some who had absolutely no clue whatsoever what was going on.

That was Oct 31st 2016.

Almost a year ago, and there are only 3 people left standing.

In the meantime we had the biggest Livejournal homecoming in recent history. Things were jumping and folks were getting excited about the site again. Followed almost immediately with a backlash over the ToS that caused one of the biggest exoduses, and left our future here in quite a bit of doubt.

These 3 held the line and fought through all the distractions to get here.

A veteran of the modern era. A newbie. And a veteran of the “golden age”.

I’m not sure that I could have picked a group of three more diverse people in terms of writing style if I tried. But all three of them are really good at what they do.

Season 10, in retrospect, seems about finding that niche where you fit - and these are three people who excel at that - and their final words, the entries you are about to read, and vote on below, are well crafted examples of the kind of work they have been producing all season long. I’m really proud to know that one of these folks is about to join the ranks of the winners, that they are about to become a Livejournal Idol.
One signed up on Page 3. One on Page 5. The last one signed up on Page 6.

None of that probably makes a difference to you. But for me, it’s interesting. These are people who took a moment to consider before jumping. But they also weren’t running in at the last minute. It’s that kind of steadfastness that lead them to be able to navigate what has been a very unusual, I’d go as far as to say “weird at times” season. It led them here, to this final stop, this last execution.

3 enter. Only 1 will survive to be crowned the winner.

It’s entirely up to YOU to decide who that is going to be.

Read the entries. Comment. Vote for your favorite(s).

Tell a friend. Tell 3 friends. Spread the word. Because if this is something you love, that’s the only way there is going to be the chance for someone else to get a “next time”.

I don’t know if the sled is going to go down this particular hill again, so let’s make this one count!

The poll closes Monday, Sept 25th at 9pm EDT.

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2072814 LJ Idol - Season 10 - Week 32 - Finale
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

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