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Vote - Week 30

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Greetings from Irma Central - where it’s all prepping for the worst case scenario, all the time!

Much like Hurricane Irma, LJ Idol is going a Cat 5 speeds and no one really has any idea where it is going to end up, and who will be left devastated in it’s wake!

(Hopefully not me for either of those!)

I can tell you *when* this week will end, but not what the results will end up being… only the voters can tell you that.

We will be losing 1 contestant to get down to our Final 4. From there? I think you know what happens at that point…

The poll closes Thursday, Sept 7th at 8pm EDT

So read, comment and vote for your favorite(s) to get one step closer to winning this thing!!

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #2072227 LJ Idol - Season 10 - Week 30
This poll is closed.

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LJ Idol
LJ Idol: a writing rollercoaster with iffy brakes


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