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Results - Week 29

It was a week where there were a lot of people who were confused.

Which is why I decided early on that I knew what the results were going to be even before the votes came in, even before I tried to explain things with my fruit selling analogy.

I wasn't going to send *anyone* home this week.

This was going to be non-elimination, but filled with a good information.

For instance, I know now that there were 33 people (other than the contestants themselves) who were willing to dive into that confusion and send in votes. You might say "That's not alot Gary", But when you are talking about "who can I ask to read everything and send votes in via email", that's a better number than I thought it could end up being.

I won't announce who would be going home if I *had* pulled the trigger on this week, other than the say it WAS ALSO the person with the most popular entry overall. There were more "best overall" votes for that entry than anything else. But the total allocations would have ended up sending them home anyway.

It would have come down to a tie-breaker vote based on number of entries from 1 person that were tied at the bottom. But that would have been the result. So in other words, it came down to a single vote again...

I WILL answer the "where did my entries fall" from contestants via email.

I will also post everyone's MOST POPULAR entry. In fact, I'll do so right now...


The new topic is going up soon. But maybe there is something in that knowledge of what people liked the most that will be useful to you.
Tags: eliminations, season 10, week 29
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