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Green Room - Week 29 - Day 10

I have these 5 friends.

Let's call them tinhuviel, tru2myart, welfy, chite and boxsofrain.



They are all selling fruit. 10 customers were threatened with beatings until they bought something from everyone.

and Kiwi, just because.

5 bought apples from tinhuviel
3 bought oranges
1 bought bananas
1 bought kiwi

With tru2myart - 3 bought apples
4 bought oranges
1 bought bananas
2 bought kiwi

1 apple
2 oranges
6 bananas
1 kiwi


3 apples
2 oranges
2 bananas
3 kiwi

0 apples
2 oranges
0 bananas
8 kiwi

They all sold the exact same amount of fruit, because that was the rule.
However, there was also a "Best Of" for what fruit people liked more than any other, that was added to the score.

2 for tinhuviel's apples
2 for tru2myart's oranges
1 for tru2myart's apples
3 for welfy's bananas
3 for boxsofrains kiwi

So you add those to the totals. Note that chite didn't get any votes for that, but her overall scores kept her out of the bottom anyway.

The only ones that didn't sell any were boxsofrain's apples and bananas. It just wasn't a good day for her to sell those things.

So, she would be "out" of the fruit selling business competition.

But let's pretend that two of those kiwi sales decided to buy an apple and a banana instead.
That would be a tie between
tinhuviel's bananas
tinhuviel's kiwi
tru2myart's bananas
tru2myart's kiwi
welfy's kiwi
boxsofrain apples
boxsofrain kiwi

The tie-breaker would go to the votes people gave for what the "Best" of those fruits had been. tinhuviel had 2 votes. tru2myart had 3 ( (2 for one of her fruits and 1 for another) . welfy had 3 and boxsofrain had 3.

Which means tinhuviel would be packing her orchard baskets.

I probably just confused people even more!

Or made them want to sign up for the next season of LJ Fruit Sales!

It's going to be wild!

One of those things happened.

But while you are figuring out which - remember to get those votes in!
Tags: day 10, green room, season 10, week 29
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