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Green Room - Week 29 - Day 2

In case you were too busy burning your entire Joss Whedon collection and missed what happened here - there were results from the last poll:

and there was the new topics: in which I brought back one of my personal favorites, the Portfolio challenge!

If you've been too outraged about Peter David saying you shouldn't try to get Nazis fired (because he's had their supporters come after him and he doesn't want to operate on that level) that you've missed details of Whedon's divorce come out from his ex-wife, I'm sure there are links all around the internet.

Or refer to your own messy breakups/divorces in the past. I'm sure there were some particularly choice words said on both sides. I know I personally can say that. (If he really did, and say, those things, he's pretty much a scumbag, as far as his personal life goes. My problem is that people keep saying he *admitted to it*, and so far, he hasn't.)

If you've been too busy thinking about the choice words said in the past, there was also Trump, Charlottesville, Don't Go Back (to Clarksville) and Wasting Another Year, Pardoning Sheriff Joe and Saving Private Paul Ryan.

Some of those might actually from the same song.

What are some of YOUR favorite current internet outrages that have been spreading like wildfire in your circles?

and how do they relate to the Portfolio challenge? (not really, I just wanted to bring that back around full circle)
Tags: green room, season 10, week 29
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