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Results - Week 28

You know how you can *truly* tell that the season is almost over?

We are saying goodbye to halfshellvenus.

I don't have my stats in front of me, but it feels like I end up saying goodbye to her inside the Top 7 than I do at any other point in the game. There's a reason for that.

Not only is she is a fantastic writer, but she's also a really warm and helpful person that always manages to be well loved within the community, regardless of who is around - and in a landscape that is constantly changing, that's saying quite a lot.

Thank you so much for coming out this season and for all that you have given to us over these months. I wish I could say "You're on the Jury!" but that's been dissolved as of this vote. I CAN say though that I hope you will continue to Home Game for the remainder of the season.... which, that isn't very long either.

We do have Immunity to hand out, which isn't suspenseful because we know it didn't impact the votes. BUT it did set the stage for next week...

The Jury was back and forth for the last couple of days. It started out neck and neck... then one of them opened up a FOUR VOTE lead that I thought momentum was going to stay in place. I was wrong. Because today those 4 votes came in to tie it up. We were going into the final few minutes of the Jury voting when one last vote came in, tipping the balance.

The penultimate Jury immunity goes to penpusher!

Tags: eliminations, season 10, week 28
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