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The results are in, and bhyphen is the latest to say goodbye. Considering that he predicted that he would be one of the very first ones out of the competition, I think he made a very impressive showing.

But there is no time to sit around missing his presence - because just when you thought you knew this competition, things take another turn.

This week we have TWO TOPICS!!

Only one is required, but there IS a bonus for doing them both.

The required one is an YOUR CHOICE. This is the entry that will form the long sought TOP TEN, which means you are going to get in on whatever it is that you come up with for a topic.

The optional topic is "For Gary, on his 35th Birthday". Yes, that's right - a post about ME!!!! Why? Because why have a contest that happens to fall over my birthday if I don't take advantage of it.

Where does the bonus come in? Those completing the second entry will receive 5 extra votes. These votes are non transferable and must be used this round. But considering that this is the last round befroe the TOP TEN, this is the time when 5 votes are going to come in handy. Look at how many races have been determined by far less than that!!

The deadline for both entries is the same - THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH AT 2PM EST. The 28th also happens to be my birthday.*g*

Odd how that worked out huh?

Good luck to you all. One more vote before the TOP TEN, let's make this one count!!!

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