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Green Room - Week 27 - Day 3

Some interesting speculation:

As someone who grew up reading comics, and who still occasionally picks them up, is that model of publishing and distribution a dead end? Did the rush to get into the film industry and get a piece of that bigger pie by Marvel and DC basically damn the rest of the industry to losing the shops that are a big way of getting exposure?

Is that even how they get noticed these days, or does the digital platform help level the playing field?

There’s a lot of questions, and not really a lot of answers that I’m seeing right now.

It does make me wonder though given the state that the publishing industry is in, with physical books. At what point does that become completely outdated, or has the scale already tipped on that one and some of us are still catching up?


One link that produces more answers than questions - such as “where can I go to read some cool stuff this week while I’m waiting for the Idol poll”?

Although, the major question for that is “Will the rest of the writers still in the competition give Gary a heart attack while he waits for them to post”. The answer to that is “Yes”, yes they will.
Tags: day 03, green room, season 10, week 27
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