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Green Room - Week 26 - Day 6

Yesterday, everything changed at work.

Well, not "everything", but a lot.

Due to a couple people quitting over the last few months, I had ended up with my own office. Which was awesome.

But the boss had been wanting everyone in "one space" - so she had asked everyone months ago if they could take the partition walls down. There was only 1 vote against this move (guess who) that she literally pretended not to hear (to the point that when I mentioned it yesterday she actually said that the conversation never happened - even after a couple coworkers told her that it did... but I digress...)

I'm a creature of habit who likes his space. ("creature of habit" - a guy who has ran a writing competition in the same place for over 11 years?? Say it ain't so!) You may have also gotten the idea that I'm change-adverse. I'll eventually get on board, but it takes me some time to get there.

As the walls were coming down, it felt really weird - but I figured I could get used to it... and then we were told to figure out "how we wanted our desks". Which lasted roughly about 10 minutes until the very first person to suggest something came up with an plan that didn't work logistically - at which point the boss told us how we wanted out desks... all in a line up against the back wall. So that when people enter our new office, we have our backs to them.

I don't think I need to spell out that I hate that.

It's funny, because everyone who comes in (well, almost everyone - a couple have pointed out that they would hate to have their backs to the door) has exclaimed about how "great" everything looks, and how "spacious" the room seems.

Which is weird, because why do you want a "spacious" office - with a lot of extra room that isn't being used for *anything*. (there is literally an entire side of the space that is going unused now...)

We lose wall space. Personal space. We gain, "a greater sense of team". At least that's what I've heard. I'm going to be optimistic and assume that will happen. Because there's no other choice but to be optimistic. It's going to be what is happening regardless of how I feel about it. ;)


Speaking of things that are happening, regardless of how I feel about it - the poll is open and off to a *really* slow start: Which hopefully means that folks are mulling over their decisions.


What has been getting on YOUR last nerve?
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