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Work Room - Week 26

Congratulations to our Top 10!

It's been a long road, but we are almost to the end. We are almost to where you get to rest.

But not yet.

There's a new topic:

that, to me, along with last week's topic illustrates that the inspiration for "what to write" is all around you, every single day.

You just don't have someone threatening to kick you like a hippie if you don't sit down to write. Well, unless you hire me to follow you around and kick you. Which now that I think of it, might be a good side gig for me during the off-season!

As for the "what does it mean?"

For those who didn't figure it out from the context - "The Goal is Zero" refers to the amount of workplace accidents. It's a program/philosophy that the goal is to completely handle all risk factors until there is no chance of having an accident. Apparently, that notion is controversial in some circles, as being unrealistic.

Personally, I think that idea has a lot going for it as a jumping off point... hopefully you will jump into a pool of water and not into a pool of concrete...
Tags: season 10, week 26, work room
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