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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 6

Happy End of the Fiscal Year Banquet Day!

What? EVERYONE wasn't told to not go to the office today, but rather straight to where they are having a banquet to celebrate the end of the state's fiscal year? Oh man, this is embarrassing. What am I going to do with all this cake?

I can't just give it to you... I'll leave it out in the rain. I'm sure that I will be able to make it again when it's time to actually celebrate...

Um, I may have forgot that I didn't actually save that recipe. Oh well, the cake is ruined now. Water-logged cake anyone?


Thank you for everyone's support and words of encouragement yesterday. I'm not sure I can fully articulate just what that means to me, and how it keeps me going. I stayed up late last night talking to my close and personal friend John McCain and convincing him that the best way to make something better is to actually have two sides of an issue sit down and hammer out a compromise. To be fair, he may have thought I was going to give him cake. I did not.

There is a poll happening right now. No one there is going to get cake. But they may end up being safe this week - if you decide to vote for them. Which is a pretty sweet reward all it's own. So you should go do that
Tags: day 06, green room, season 10, week 25
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