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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 6

That "Season 8 was almost 6 years ago" fact has done more of a number on my head than crossing the 10th anniversary for Idol did! It seems like it wasn't that long ago. But I guess a lot of stuff did happen in the meantime. I'm living a completely different life than I was when Season 7 started. Season 8 was during that transition of who I was, to who I am in the process of becoming.

Which got me thinking about what was in my Inbox yesterday. It was a notice from Disney that they are lifting the blackout dates a couple weeks early so that people have more time to go say goodbye to The Universe of Energy at Epcot and The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios. The former has barely been open in the last couple of years due to technical issues (and fewer riders) and the latter is victim to the rest of the changes happening at that park. The news was delivered along with links to "all the exciting changes" coming to the parks - there is going to be a *lot* of construction happening between now and 2021, getting the parks ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in Orlando.

That really made me pause.

Because the Magic Kingdom opened up a few days after I was born.

They are gearing up for our 50th birthday.

There are fewer years between now and then than there were between Season 8 and now.

What am I gearing up to do?

A 50-year old white cis-male running a writing contest in an environment that frequently these days just wants old white cis-men to shut the hell up. ;) (Which I'll admit, scares the hell out of me because, as a stutterer - online is the only place where I can actually SPEAK without difficulty. Well, other than the whole being vague and rambling thing... :D But I digress.)

What is that going to look like? Is that even a possibility?

Will LJ collapse completely before then? Right now, I'm thinking no. I don't think it's going to *grow* much, but I think it's a slow trickle out from this point over the next couple of years, barring the creation of a new social media site that can replicate what it does well. (obviously Dreamwidth is out there, but it's never managed to actually capture that community spirit LJ had. Probably because it came when Facebook was rising on the scene)

What is my life going to look like? Celena will be going into high school this year - which means in 4 years, she's off to college. I thought I wouldn't have the time once I moved - and I *do* have significantly less time. But I also have found a way to get things done, and while a high profile crazy game would probably knock me over and take my cane at this point... which is crazy, because that's exactly what I have on my schedule, something with a LOT of potential that *could* take off... a group of friends and new friends coming together to play (like this Season) I could definitely handle without too much trouble.

Heck, what is my health going to look like? Will I have any my original teeth left? (at this rate, maybe not! ;) )

Will I manage to lose the weight I need to lose?

What am I going to do with my time other than mark it?

What are you doing with yours?

/rambling about approaching death. ;)

Go read some entries and vote for your favorites: THAT'S something useful you can do!
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