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Green Room - Week 24 - Day 10

Today is the day the polls close and we say goodbye: Who is it going to be that is leaving though? The poll numbers are *really* close, so I have no clue at this point.

If you have some opinions about entries folks may be missing out on - now would be the chance to speak up about it, or be prepared to wave goodbye to the people who wrote them.


With a daughter about to enter high school, I was thinking of my own first day of high school. There were some bad things, but a couple of good ones. Mainly that my very first class was Creative Writing where I met a couple of seniors "metal heads" that were sitting beside me in the back of the class. No idea what made them start talking to me, but they did and that made my 9th grade year go *much* better than it could have. (there's nothing quite like having someone want to fight you - because who doesn't want to beat up on someone who stutters! That will teach them!!! - , and then having a good portion of the metal seniors show up to tell them if they want to fight me, they have to fight *them*.

They were really cool guys and a few months back I decided to look them up on Facebook. (well, one of them - the one with the distinctive name. I couldn't recall the others last name.) I found him and sent him a message that went right into his spam folder since we weren't friends. I just wanted to say "Thank you". Even if he had no memory of who I was, I remembered him and everything they did for me.

A couple days ago, he happened to see that there were messages in his spam folder and read them. He wrote me back, and sent me a friends request. Then he forwarded my message to his friend (they still know each other) and he friended me as well!

Apparently they both *did* remember me. Which does make sense. People remember you if you are weird, and if there is something distinctive about you... a weird guy who stutters? Yeah, that's going to stick with folks!

Which is good - except of course it means I can't pretend to be someone else if I run into someone I *don't* want to see. ;)

What do you think people remember about YOU???
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