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Work Room - Week 24

The new topics are up:

That's one thing that this season really hasn't had much practice at, more than 1 topic. Season 4 had 16 topics in a week and a half at the Final 4. ;)

I'm not saying we are doing that this season. But I'm also saying it just in case there's anyone who says "We can't do it in that time frame...". Ultimately, you can do anything you want to put in the time to do, it's a matter of "Do I want to write?"

I'm not saying "Write for Idol". I'm talking to the hypothetical person out there looking at this and saying "I don't have time to write anymore".

I'm looking at myself as well.

Because you have the time, it's just been filled with something else, something that is "not writing". Maybe that "not writing" is more important. But maybe there is space you *can* make for writing in your life. No matter how busy you are. A little time, every day, when you can just sit down and create!

I hope you do. Or, if you don't - that it is something you can find again.
Tags: season 10, week 24, work room
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