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Results - Week 23

Thank you again to our Gatekeepers:

It was a difficult choice this week.

I can tell that from how close the voting ended up being.

We could have lost between 4-8 is week.

We are losing 4.

Because *1 more vote* and it tipped it into what would have been a 6-way tie! That's 1/3 of the contestants would have been in a tie...

Before I reveal who is leaving, I also want to thank our Jury! Once again, it came down to a single vote. It didn't end up "saving" anyone, but I'm also quite sure that having immunity from your peers is always a good thing when facing the Gatekeepers!

Congratulations to bleodswean!

Which means that I can't delay any more in giving out the results, who will be leaving us and crossing over to join the Jury!

It's 4 veterans. All of them have had an incredible season this year. But, eventually we are going to get down to only 1 person left standing, which means at some point we need to say goodbye to all the others.

Those leaving us this week are:


Thank you for everything that you have brought to this season to make it special! I really hope that we will continue to see you in the Green Room and posting for the Home Game!
Tags: eliminations, season 10, week 23
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