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Green Room - Week 23 - Weekend Edition

I just got home from seeing Baby Driver, which, if you haven't seen it yet - go right now. I'll wait.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will be seeing LJ Idol's own sra33's newest movie, Spider-man: Homecoming!! (yes, that's right, she worked on that too!!)

While we are waiting for them to get back - make sure you are taking the time to read and comment on the entries for this week:

See? Wasn't it good?

But the ending, and the director's comments on it made me think about writing in general.

“I think the end scene is up for interpretation. And I sort of learned quickly through the test screening process that I should let people interpret it how they want. I think it’s an important thing with movies where you don’t have to state your actual intention because nobody’s response to it is wrong. I think that’s a good thing to do; you don’t want to have anybody say, ‘No, you’re wrong, you read that wrong.’ It’s better if you have two different interpretations.”

Where are you when it comes to that, not just with stuff you enjoy, but in your own work?
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