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Results - Week 22

We've established that this is going to be painful every week, so it won't come to any surprise to see 2 long-time favorite veterans leaving us this week.

I will say that until the last refresh, I was thinking it was going to be a 5-way tie for that last spot. I think if the poll closed at 9:01 that may have ended up being the case.

But we don't live in that reality. We live in this one.

This reality also had a really tight race for who the Jury was going to award Immunity to this week. It was a 3-way tie until a last minute vote showed up to break it! (with 5 contestants being 1 vote away from making that a 8-way tie). Ultimately though, that vote tipped halfshellvenus into Immunity! Congratulations!

Which means now we get to the bad part, saying goodbye.

As I said, they are both long-time veterans, members of the 100 Week Club and dirty hippies. I'm really glad that they are going to be on the Jury, because they are definitely folks that I want to have around to help shape the rest of this season. Hopefully we will continue to see them in the Green Room and writing for the Home Game as well!

Goodbye to
Tags: eliminations, season 10, week 22
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