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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 5

The poll is up:

and so are the results of the Spirit of LJ Idol!

rayaso was given choices for his prize, they were:

1. 2 byes that can be given away or kept, that are usable between now and the Top 10.

2. Immunity for yourself Good until the Top 10

3. Immunity for someone else. Good until the Top 10

4. Topsy Turvy (send the person with the most votes home) - good until the Top 10

5. Bring 2 contestants back into the game, effective Week 23.

He selected the two byes!! I suspect he's about to get really popular!

Well, even more popular...


How was your weekend?

Anyone else catch up on Doctor who?

I also watched the Fear the Walking Dead from 2 weeks ago, and granted, I'm two weeks behind - but that one episode gave me more hope for the show than the entire first 2 seasons and definitely more than the first few of this one... I had actually given up on it, but heard the buzz on the following episode and decided to see for myself.
Tags: day 05, green room, season 10, week 22
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