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Spirit of LJ Idol - Week 22

After last night's massacre, it was time for something nice to happen.

I started the Spirit of LJ Idol back in Season 2. It was a nod to the idea that maybe the person who best represented what the season was about might not actually be the one who would win. But that it was a good way of acknowledging their contributions and had the added bonus of giving them a little something extra to *help* them get to the end.

Take the list of the remaining Top 20 contestants and *rank them* 1-20. 1 being "This person is what LJ Idol Season 10 IS ALL ABOUT!" and 20 being "Not getting that vibe from them".

Your scores will be tallied and the person with the lowest score (because 1 is the best) will join the ranks of tru2myart, spydielives, tulip_in_yellow, boxsofrain, beautyofgrey, joeymichaels, halfshellvenus and kickthehobbit!

(note for those who like such things: winning the Spirit is currently 3/8 for winning, or 4/8 if you count if they won a mini-season at some point after)

If you are a current contestant - as in you are one of those 20 names - You have until this week's deadline to send your list to
Tags: season 10, spirit of lj idol
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