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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 7

Some mash-up of thoughts on a Thursday evening, quickly heading in Friday morning...

A lot of my fascination with the book I'm reading has to do with having met my wife online, and especially with Aziz talking about how long it took him to answer questions for OKCupid - finding someone who was a 99% match per their system, who actually turned out to be far more than I could have ever dreamed someone could be.

So I know from personal experience that the internet *can* change your life. It did it with my "romantic life" and Idol continues to do that for the rest of my life.

It's funny, because this is such a strange little season, and quiet, way too quiet for my personal tastes. But I also really like everyone. Which isn't always the case.


Apparently there is a country called "England" and they let people vote there.

Not IMPORTANT voting like who should continue on to next week in LJ Idol, but random stuff like "who should be running the government".

They had some results. Some people are happy. Some are sad. Most are British.


At different points today, on different FBs, I saw these two articles. So I figured that was a sign that I should be sharing them:

I figure sharing is better than *literally* throwing a grenade into the room.


Speaking of - here's your poll! Make sure to vote!
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