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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 6

The poll is up: which means you should be getting over there to check out the entries.

What else do you have to do, other than do that and live tweet the Comey hearing*.

(*Note, that only applies to one of our voters. He just likes to tweet things, and is usually up late. Sometimes he signs things too!)

I'm not sure what our other voters will be up to tomorrow. But hopefully it involves reading some Idol entries!


I woke up late this morning and spent the rest of the day feeling like I was making up for that lost time. Which is why the Green Room is going up a little early for Thursday. Maybe tomorrow I will feel like I'm ahead of everything!


I'm currently reading Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance, which is about the new landscape of finding someone, and the changes and challenges that have come with the technology. It's weird to think about, much less see someone take apart, how dating has changed. Especially since I was dating just before the time he was doing his research. I already felt really behind the curve. Had I been single much longer, I would have probably slipped even further behind "how people meet".

But it is interesting to see how "where you meet someone" has changed from literally who you might run into in the same buildings you frequent, to anywhere in the world!

How has that changed YOUR life? Not just "dating" or how you look at romance, and possibilities... but in general. Actually, yeah, some of that "possibilities" as well. Because older people interviewed for the book thought that too many choices had the effect of impacting the ability to make a decision and stick to it, because there were just so many other things you *could* be doing, so many more people you *could* be meeting - that anything less than "perfect" is more likely to be brushed aside.

Of course, even with the vast array of human knowledge at our fingertips - how many people actually go out there and explore, learn new things and meet new people? How many just stick to the same familiar circles? (Which is fine to do, if those circles happen to be LJ Idol!! :D)

No real conclusions here - I'm continuing to read the book and just spitballing out thoughts from what I've read so far...
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