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Results - Week 19

It's the worst part of every week - announcing who is going home/joining the Home Game!

The *good* thing about doing it at this point is that these people are joining the Jury, and will be helping to shape how this thing plays out.

Speaking of - before we get to who is leaving us, I get to announce who the Jury selected to receive immunity this week! Which means, regardless of total vote count, they are safe.

It came down to *1* vote. Which seems to be the ongoing Season 10 theme.

Receiving immunity in Week 19, with the kudos that come along with it - congratulations to yachiru!

It didn't end of impacting the outcome this week, but as the weeks grow longer and the field narrows, that could very well come into play!


Leaving us this week are two dear friends of Idol - and outstanding people. One is sacrificing herself for an awesome reason (which you know if you read her entry): furzicle. The other? mac_arthur_park. If you read her entry then you know that she is going out on a very old Idol/reality show trope. One that I thought we were past - but apparently it still rears it's head if you poke it - the birthday curse! (OK, technically that involves being voted out ON your birthday and not just being voted out because you talk about birthdays...but still...)

You both will be greatly missed, and thank you so much for coming out to help make this season special!
Tags: eliminations, season 10, week 19
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