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Work Room - Week 19

Over the past few weeks, I've written three different freelance pieces.

The first came to me in a flash. I wrote it so quickly my hands were aching a bit afterward. There was a little bit of editing needed to correct some grammatical issues, but other than that, it was solid. When I turned it in, people inside the company were praising it highly and saying that I "truly understood" their product.

The second piece wasn't really for publishing. Since I know people, I heard how bad one of the other freelance writers was - outright *creepy* - in one of the articles he submitted. It was a major joke inside of the company. I wrote a parody piece of that creepy article, taking it to the next stage. No edits (since it wasn't for publishing) and I wrote it in about a half hour. The (few) people I could trust with it said it was hilarious and they wished they *could* pay me for it.

The third one, that was the hard one. Nothing was coming. I had the concept I wanted to write, my way in. But it was just difficult. I worked on it, in fits and starts, for over a week. It needed an outside editor to come in to beta read it because I just had lost all objectivity about it. It apparently is better than I gave it credit for being, but to me, it fell into the "meh" camp.

I have one more assignment on my plate and a deadline a few weeks away. I need to get started on it. But first I need to find my way in... once I do that, I'm hoping it will be more like the first two and less like the third.


How about you? How much of your writing lately has been pleasure and how much of it has been the struggle?
What do you do when you end up inside that struggle, how do you work your way out?

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May. 23rd, 2017 12:09 pm (UTC)
I write a monthly column for "Precious Pets" in our little community magazine. (no pay, but it is exposure) Once I have the info, my article writes itself kinda. The hard part for me is tracking down people and having to prod them to get back to me in a timely way and not wanting to be a PITA!


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