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Results - Week 18

Intersections are always going to shake up expectations, because you aren't just eliminating one member, it's the team that is going. So someone you might normally think is going to be safe every week, is suddenly thrown off their game.

This week is definitely another surprise. It's not even where I saw things going earlier today. But that's why these things play out - and also why results at this stage of the process are always difficult.

There is ONE piece of good news in all this though - that the people leaving us this week are starting The Jury!

Every week, they will vote amongst themselves to give immunity to someone still in the competition. They may be gone from the game, but their presence will definitely be felt on the remainder of this season!

With that, the only thing left is to announce who the first 4 members of the Jury are going to be.

Leaving us this week are

ellakite and shadowwolf13


devilz_workshop and eternal_ot

3 veterans and a newbie who I was always interested in seeing what they would come up with each week, who had definitely put themselves on my personal radar as someone to watch.

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and really helping to raise the bar. I hope we will continue to read your stuff this season, as part of the Home Game, and look forward to "speaking" to you every week as part of the Jury!
Tags: eliminations, jury, season 10, week 18
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