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Results - Week 17

In half of the polls, the decision on who got to stay and who was eliminated came down to *a single vote*.

Every single person leaving this week is a dear friend of Idol, folks that I personally know and like a great deal outside of Livejournal. (Well, I've only met one of them in person, but I've interacted with them on other online forums)

One of them actually wrote an entry that when I read it my reaction was "Definitely safe for this week!" because I enjoyed it and was confident that everyone else would as well.

I just went back and refreshed my memory on all four of them, and yeah, I would have put money on them being safe. But that's the thing, my personal taste isn't everyone's - and finding something that someone likes just a little bit more, around here? That's easy. It's just where we are in the season, that every week is going to be someone strong and the results are going to be shocking.

For the record, I didn't correctly predict any of the folks going home, although I did strongly suspect that the folks who got the deadline extended would probably end up having a hard time in the poll.

Leaving us this week are our friends


Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and sharing your stories with us. I hope to see more of them in the Home Game in the weeks to come, and of course, to see you hanging out in the Green Room and cheering on your own personal favorites left in the competition!
Tags: results, season 10, week 17

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