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Green Room - Week 17 - Day 2

Because people were asking, I sent out my suggestions to everyone for what they should do with their topic.

It was from my super-secret email, so you may not have recognized where it was from, and in a Google Doc. I hope you received it and have taken what I've said to heart. I put a lot of time and effort in that.


The Write-Off ends tonight:

So make sure your voice is heard on who is going to be sticking around!


The Work Room is up for anyone who needs to bounce off ideas/get advice/plot my doom:


The question that was asked in the Green Room yesterday was "What book were you given as young person, by a older person with an agenda".

I really couldn't think of any.

The closest I have is Ulysses by James Joyce, which my high school English teacher let me borrow, because I was bored with everything else they were teaching that year. So just read that instead and had alternative assignments based on that book where I wrote a couple papers and talked to him about it.

Nothing really before that comes to mind though... although there were always people with agendas trying to get me to listen to bands they loved, I almost never liked them. (even though, they were right. I like them now)
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