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Vote - Week 16 - Sudden Death Write-Off

A few words from clauderainsrm:

I’d like to think that they knew that Survivor came on tonight, and that a Write-Off was the last thing I had wanted. So both contestants turned their entries in early so that I didn’t have to wait to post.

Of course, if they were *really* caring about that, someone would have broken the tie before!

Reading both entries though, I’m glad they didn’t. This way we get to read at least one more entry from each of them. It’s a tough choice. They are both really good, and extremely different in their style. I’m glad it’s not Gary-only voting, I have no idea which way I would end up going!

That’s in YOUR hands, and you have until Thursday, May 4th at 9pm EDT to make that decision.
Read. Comment. Vote for your favorite(s) to stick around for another week!

May the 4th be with both of you!

Good luck!

Poll #2067279 LJ Idol, Season 10 - Week 16 - Sudden Death Write Off
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