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Green Room - Week 17 - Day 1

Last night featured eliminations and the announcement of the Sudden Death Write-Off:

The new Topic(s) and announcement of the first ever Blind Box!

and a Work Room:

Make sure to get your email in to me. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get your topic!

So far we have 36/46 who have their topics and should be able to start working.

There are definitely some combinations of topic and contestant that have me excited because I *think* I know where they are going to go, and it's going to be really good. And of course some where I went "Well, it will be interesting..." :)


The litany against fear mentions in yesterday's Green Room reminded me that in high school I was really into the Dune books. Well, Frank Herbert in general, but I definitely loved them. I could have, at that point, recited the litany.

I *know* this is true (although I can't recall most of it these days) because I have a distinct memory of Grad Night for my high school, which was at the Magic Kingdom.

I am *terrified* of roller coasters. But there was a girl that I *really* liked (in retrospect it's pretty obvious she liked me as well - we literally ate lunch together every day and spent most of our time together. I later learned that she spent Prom Night home crying because I didn't ask her! I hadn't even considered going, much less figured out who I thought would say "yes" to be my date. But I digress). There was a girl I liked, and she wanted to ride Space Mountain. She wanted to ride it *with me*.

So I did.

I spent the entire ride with my eyes closed quietly reciting the Litany Against Fear.

It seemed to help.
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