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Work Room - Week 17

Obviously, there is going to be a lot of talk about the Blind Box.

What does it mean? What's actually in the box? If you survive, does it mean that you are a potential human?

And by all means, this would be the place to discuss the ins and outs and dealing with the topics.

But I was thinking about something recently and this is *also* a good place to talk about it.

Context is greater than constructive criticism. (LJ didn't like me using the symbol, so I'm spelling it out)

What the hell am I talking about, since I just posted that from left field... Idol has had a lot of discussions over the years about the idea of opt-in/opt-out for constructive criticism and how important it is to be able to give advice that is actually constructive as well as being able to accept it. It's important to the development of "your craft" to be able to see what someone is offering, pick it apart and take from it what you actually find useful.

We also covered that some people just aren't that interested in "the craft". They just want to tell stories, and maybe shove you in a locker when you start sounding too full of yourself with your discussion about technique. ;)

But there's a subsection that I don't recall ever really touching before - maybe it felt self-explanatory at the time, or maybe I just never thought about it too much. I'm thinking the latter.

And it comes down to what I wrote before: context is greater than constructive criticism.

If someone is writing a story about a family of dragons who set off on a quest to slay the evil Princess, then the conversation of "Do they want constructive criticism" is going to come up.

If someone is talking through the pain of losing their Mom. Or something real and personal - you probably shouldn't be wondering "Should I tell them that it would be stronger if they tightened up their middle paragraph?"

If you *are* asking, the answer is "No", not unless they specifically are asking for it. If they are, then absolutely go for it. If they aren't though... yeah, that's probably not going to end well.

That's not an "Idol rule" or even an "Idol suggestion". I think that is kind of a life thing.

To the best of my knowledge, it hasn't come up this season. We *kind of* have had it happen in the past though, but I wasn't thinking about it in this way. You never know though, when it may come in handy!
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