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Results - Week 16

Damn. What a rough week for some old favorites.

Then again, that's what it's like at this stage - everyone going is a blow.

And what a blow it was...

Although in the last few minutes, I had a bit of a surprise when I refreshed... a tie for that last spot!!

Leaving us this week are


Thank you so much for coming out this season. I really hope we will continue seeing you around to cheer on your favorites, as well as in the Home Game so we can continue to check out your work!

That final spot looked like it was filled, but as I said, at the last minute, that changed and it tied up. I keep saying that every vote matters, and to make sure to get out and support your favorites. And it keeps being proven accurate.

The tie is between lordrexfear and tamaraland!

As usual in a Sudden Death Write-Off situation, it's an Open Topic. You can write anything you want to write. But bring your A-game, because one person isn't walking away at the end!

The deadline for those in the Write-Off to link their entries is Tomorrow, Wednesday May 3rd at 9pm EDT in the sub-thread I will be creating below.

Good luck to both of you!
Tags: eliminations, season 10, week 16, write-off

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