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VOTE! Week 9

A few words from clauderainsrm:
This week we opened up and picked at a few scars. Anyone who hasn’t gone down the voting list and read each and every entry – well, you are really missing out. I always recommend that people read as many entries as they can, but this week, I really don’t think you can go wrong with just about all of them. Some really top notched writing from some very brave people.

That said, we have to get rid of 4 of them this week. Just the way this thing is played.

Before we do that though, we have the business of the two immunities handed out last week. The people who won them could not keep them for themselves and had to award them before this poll was posted.

Which means they are the only two people completely safe this week – they are:

unsold_capacity gave her immunity to cheapdestiny


wbahner gave his immunity to tdarling

So congratulations to the two of you, and I hope you manage to thank your benefactors appropriately.

With that out of the way, we just have the details.

As I said, there are 4 people leaving us at the end of this vote. The two lowest votes from each tribe will be leaving – and two people total will be getting our next limited immunity. But will it be handed out the same way? Well that will be announced Monday.

As for the vote, it starts now and concludes on Monday Jan 14th at 1pm EST. So make sure you vote for as many of your favorites as you can. Otherwise they might not be here next week!

Good luck to everyone!

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Tags: immunity, season 4, voting, week 9

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